Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Point, 5x7

There is so much going on that my head is spinning, and that is a good time to paint an abstract. It looks like I'm going off in all directions, but I'm just having fun. There is a more realistic work still on my easel.

The Masters' Pieces, an exhibit by the Pieces of 8, is in the VanGo Mobile Museum, which provides the Artreach program to children in Volusia and Flagler Counties. The traveling exhibit links original, regional art to world art and culture to create interactive, educational programs. The program has served over 6,000 children since its beginning in October 2008. We are really gratified to be part of this outreach to children.

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  1. I like this painting but I am a terrible art painting critic there is a painting "woman 3?" I really did not like it at all when I saw it.... 137 million? Shows how little I know.

    Nice blog...