Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Racer, 10x8 Oil on Canvas

This is a ten-year-old boy named Reece racing a quad in competition, and he is a champion racer. When he is not in a serious race, he's driving his quad over the hills on the farm in Pennsylvania where he lives. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Early Birds, 8x6 Oil on Canvas


I love early morning at the beach; it's very active yet peaceful. Birds are fishing, people are fishing, there are joggers, walkers, even Tai Chi. It's the best time of day.

At risk of being repetitive, don't forget the big Pieces of 8 Sale on Dec 7 from 9-4. It's at 3532 Samuel Place, Melbourne. Click here for a map and details.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Purple Lily, 8x6 Oil on Canvas

Reminder: Don't forget the Pieces of 8 Sale on Dec 7th! Go to for info.

$89, Click to Purchase
I love waterlilies, but they have been painted so much that it's hard to not be a cliche'. I've noticed that Florida artists paint Birds of Paradise, Crotons, and water birds so much that it is hard to stand out in the crowd. That's why I enjoyed painting my Dragonflower a while back.

I have a plant that is so unique and weird that I won't even try to paint it. It's a Starflower cactus and it is beige and fuzzy. I call it my Alien Flower because it is very other-worldly.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pardon My Back, 24x18 Oil on Canvas

This is the first in a series and it's a bigger painting than I usually post. I didn't pose these birds, they were standing exactly like this, so this was one of those paintings that got named before I started it.

While in the Everglades I got to see plenty of mangroves, mangrove forests and mangrove islands. What fascinating trees they are. They thrive in salty environments because they are able to obtain fresh water from saltwater. Some secrete excess salt through their leaves, and others block absorption of  salt at their roots. Their intricate root design makes a protective nursery for tiny marine life.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rites of Spring, 18 x 24 Oil Painting

I went to the beach on a fine Spring day, and after a hard Florida winter (ha ha), everyone had the same idea. The water was this incredible turquoise color and the whole atmosphere was just exhilarating. I am so lucky to live here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rubber Ducky, 6x6 Oil on Canvas


I am posting this in honor of the Rubber Ducky being inducted into the Toys Hall of Fame this month. Well-deserved, I might add. It is an icon, reminiscent of happy childhood bath times by generations of people, and now popular as design decor as well. It has been serenaded by Kermit the Frog and it has competed in races. 

To show how the Rubber Ducky gets around, I found this little Hawaiian-themed beauty in a stream near Boone, North Carolina! Far from home, she still smiles in her lei, with her jaunty flower on her head. She makes me smile too. Congratulations, Rubber Duckies everywhere!  

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Island, 8x6 Oil on Canvas

Well, my ten-year-old Mac finally let me down, and at a crucial time. I did manage to post on my iPad, but not everything worked exactly like I wanted. Now I am looking at my brand-new marvel of technology with a giant screen and no box, no round little base, no nothing that indicates there are magical things going on inside to help me do my job. Once you go Mac...

The painting above is on Lake Oconee, Georgia, a little island we pontooned to and explored. It is just a beautiful place. 

If you are in Central Florida, save the date! The big Pieces of 8 Holiday Sale is December 7, and you can click here to link to the map.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Old Barn, 6x8 Oil on Canvas

                                                                                                               $89 Buy Now

This old barn was painted en plein air on the grounds at the Washington Grass Inn near Greensboro, Georgia. The Pieces of Eight painting group spent hours there taking photos, painting, and having a fantastic luncheon. We were on our annual retreat and stayed with Pieces of Eight emeritus Phillis Holland on beautiful Lake Oconee. Painting and eating--two of my favorite things!

I am thrilled to be one of the Judges' Picks in the Daily Paintworks monthly contest. Check it out.
Front row: Denette, Cindy, Mary; Back Row: Kathy, Carmen, Phillis

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Sale!

The Annual Pieces of Eight Christmas Sale will be December 7 beginning at 9 am. We will have a large array of beautiful things this year: oil paintings, watercolors, digital art, jewelry, handmade birdhouses (each one unique), painted furniture and other great gift items at very affordable prices.

Above is one of my small paintings, "Fatherly Love" which will be on sale.

Thar She Blows; Moby Dick as Art

Cindy Michaud and I took on the ultimate challenge this year: the Mystery Build Competition. The whole idea is to make a recreation of a work of art from the objects in a small box. The Mystery Build organizers mailed the box to us, and we had to make our piece from nothing but the items inside, including the box itself if we wanted, and paint. That's it. So the box contained a small variety of wood blocks and veneers, clay, a piece of rope, a square of canvas, a loose canvas, Elmer's glue and a few other things.

To see how we did it (there's a video) and (we hope) vote for our entry, click here: Mystery Build.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Rise and Shine, 6x6 Oil Painting on Canvas

I thought I would walk to the beach to catch the sunrise, but I was late coming out the door, and this is what I saw. I didn't make it to the beach in time, but I love the silhouetted palms against the colorful sunrise. Florida sunrises and sunsets are so fabulous it's hard to make them look believable.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Zen Mushrooms, 7x5 Pen and Ink

It is fun to make up your own world. With Zentangle, it's not "less is more." It's "more is more."

By the time this post is online our artists' group, Pieces of 8, will be off to Georgia to paint, eat, and do other fun things. We will visit our former member, Phillis, who has lots of good things for us to do. It will be a riotous good time, as always, and we will have new scenery to paint. I am getting my Pleininator outfit together today (below). For painting en plein aire. It even has a citronella candle.