Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Robots and Paintings

On First Friday, August 2nd, Kathy Garvey and I will be exhibiting our art at Highland Art Studio, 1425 Highland Avenue in Melbourne. I'll have my oil paintings on display.
Storm's Coming

Kathy has been making ingenious little robots out of clay and luggage tags.  Foreign object removal on the runway at the airport constantly turns up the metal tags off luggage, and only Kathy would see them as potential robots. They are so darn cute!


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Paradise, Oil on Canvas 7x5 Florida Painting

This is my second painting of this spot. This is a small 7" by 5" painting of North Captiva Island, a place that is as good as being in the Bahamas. No cars, just golf carts, and gorgeous scenery. No bridge to the island, either. Life there runs on Island Time. Ahhhh.....


Monday, July 8, 2019

The Boring Photo Challenge, 7x5 Small Daily Painting

I painted this little oil painting in response to a challenge on the website DailyPaintworks.com. The challenge was to paint from a boring photo. That is a really good thing to practice, because I have lots of boring photos; however, I used the one they posted. I began with a black background, which helped add a bit more drama. Below is the boring photo.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Summer Sunrise Oil Painting on Canvas 24x18 Ocean Art

I decided it was time to paint something larger, a dramatic sunrise. I live across from the ocean, so there's no reason not to paint a sunrise. 

When I'm not painting I seem to be gardening more and more. I've come to realize that I am an Overgardener. By this I mean that I get so carried away planting things that I create a garden that I can barely take care of. This is not my fault; it is what my family calls "The Chulie Gene." My grandmother, who the whole world called Chulie, had a nursery, and she knew everything about plants. This gene runs through the family, and if you ever see my daughter Suzanne's posts on Facebook about her plants, you will know what I mean. She can grow vegetables, something I fail at. I specialize in weeds and flowers, both of which are thriving in my yard.