Friday, February 22, 2019

Queen of Genoa, Small Oil Painting on Canvas Panel of Woman in Italian Cafe 5x7

This was one of the funniest days of my trip to Europe with my sister. We got off a train in Genoa, Italy at the wrong stop. We thought we had lots of time so were lollygagging outside the station and had lunch at this woman's cafe. She never stopped moving; she was cooking, serving, taking money, and talking the whole time.

When we got back to the station we found out we were in the wrong place and had to dash to a train to go to the right station to make our connection to France. On the plus side, I got the picture that inspired this little painting. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Calm Harbor, 5x7 Impressionist Original Oil Painting Florida Seascape Art

This peaceful scene is Ballard Park in Melbourne, Florida, one of my favorite places. It is part of the Indian River Lagoon, our very endangered waterway that is suffering from years of pollution. It is a hot-button issue around here. In the 70s you could see clammers galore in the river; now you see none. I've been told by people who were here many years ago that the water was once clear. Now it is brown murk. Our new governor promises better water quality in Florida; we'll see. 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Water House II, Original Oil on Canvas Seascape North Captiva Island Florida

When we stayed on beautiful North Captiva Island, Florida, we passed this scene every day. I don't know why this house is in the water, but I like it. We kayaked from across the bay to here one day, and I got pictures of the other side and painted it also (below).

Water House (Sold)


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hairy Buddha, 11x14 original Oil onCanvas

I see this quirky plant as a lady with flyaway hair and modestly folded arms. My husband sees a woman kneeling on the left, and on the right there is a dog being hugged.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Red Barn and Sunflowers, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Landscape

This is the time of year I always try to rethink my time, my business, and my art. As I spend more time marketing on the computer, I have less time to spend painting. If I spend more time painting I end up with lots of inventory. But what is more fun? 

I'll be in my studio.

The painting above is a non-painful commission. You artists know what I'm talking about. There are enjoyable commissions, then there are those where someone gives you a bad picture--or maybe two or three that they want you to combine--and you are supposed to make a great piece of art out of them. Painful! Just say no.


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Blue Sky Vine, Original Oil Painting 5x7 Floral Art on Canvas

It's the middle of winter and this vine is blooming like crazy in my yard. Of course, it's hot one day and cold the next here in Florida, so it's confused like the rest of us. This was one of my 20-minute paintings, but I saw its possibilities and went back to it and refined it. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Desert Rose, Adenium Arabicum Original Oil on Canvas 11x14 Succulent Art

This succulent is a kind of Desert Rose, Adenium Arabicum, and it has the most interesting twisty roots. This is my third succulent painting, and I am enjoying painting these fascinating plants.