Monday, February 11, 2019

Red Barn and Sunflowers, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Landscape

This is the time of year I always try to rethink my time, my business, and my art. As I spend more time marketing on the computer, I have less time to spend painting. If I spend more time painting I end up with lots of inventory. But what is more fun? 

I'll be in my studio.

The painting above is a non-painful commission. You artists know what I'm talking about. There are enjoyable commissions, then there are those where someone gives you a bad picture--or maybe two or three that they want you to combine--and you are supposed to make a great piece of art out of them. Painful! Just say no.


1 comment:

  1. I love your red barn, Carmen. The best painting I ever sold was a red barn in winter scene. I swear the most difficult paintings were of little dogs (a Pomeranian and a Lhasa Apso). They came out looking a bit like caricatures of dogs. The things we go through for art sake. Enjoy your day!