Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the Farm, 8x10 Original Oil on Canvas Board

It's hard to depict on canvas the actual greens of Pennsylvania. It just would not look believable. My granddaughter took me out in a Ranger through pastures, woods, creeks, and over hill and dale. She showed me a coyote den that used to be a bear den before the coyotes moved in. It was all very beautiful and I guess I won't be painting dead rock stars for a while. So much to little time.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Janis Joplin, 8x6 Oil on Canvas Board

I can't look at this portrait without thinking of "Me and Bobby McGee," which was released after Janis's death. She seemed to have a great time when she was singing. How did brilliant talent and drugs ever get so intermingled? I'll never understand it. I like seeing her happy like this.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Splash, 5x7, Oil on Linen on Panel

It was an overcast day at Sebastian Inlet, which in the heat of summer makes it very pleasant. The waves--away from the rocks--were perfect for frolicking. As I am posting this, we are watching Hurricane Irene and making preparations for possible evacuation. I hope we will soon be saying, "Good Night, Irene" as she passes far offshore. Anything could happen, we just wait and watch.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amy Winehouse, 8x6 Oil on Canvas Panel

How sad that Amy Winehouse died before producing more great music. I never tire of listening to her while I'm painting, and I was so hoping she'd get better and do more albums. 
Prints are available at Fine Art America.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mango, 6x8 Oil on Canvas Board

I painted a still life for a change. I bought this mango and it was so beautiful I had to paint it. I could practically see it ripen as I painted; it seemed to grow more freckles under the hot light. Mangoes are the ultimate tropical fruit. Even MacDonald's has discovered them. Ever notice how closely related are art and food? It's all about presentation, isn't it?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surf Spray, 6x6 Oil on Canvas Board

I've been wondering where my email has been disappearing to. I have finally learned that I am getting the opposite of Spam. My good mail from frequent correspondents has been going into my Spam folder in Earthlink, then getting deleted after a few days. Even more mysterious, I still get more Spam than a prison cafeteria. It took two hours with Earthlink to figure this out, and then I had to change each and every person in my address book individually from "Unknown" to "Known." Ah, technology. How did people I have gotten email from for ten years magically become "Unknown" in Earthlink?

If I have neglected to respond to anyone, I apologize. My seascape illustrates the mood I was in after this aggravation. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gondolas, 6x8 Oil

I enjoy revisiting Venice. When I paint Venetian scenes, it takes me back there to a wonderful time with my sister on our Great European Adventure. Our hotel had the nicest bathroom ever. I have actually thought of painting it, it was that beautiful.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Tide, 6x8 Oil on Gessoboard

I could probably be pretty happy painting the ocean and nothing else. Every day is different--the light, the water, the sand, the birds--it's ever-changing. I was lucky enough to live in Bermuda for a few years, and the light was so bright, the sea so turquoise, the sand so pink. A heavenly place for someone who loves the water. Of course, the winters were very windy and rainy, but I was used to that, because I had lived in the Azores also. Small wonder that I paint water so much.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Dude, 6x8 Oil on Canvas Board

Sometimes the painting is named the minute I see the scene, and that was case here. This little guy was so cute, going out with his dad, who would help him catch a wave. Then he surfed in like a pro. He was so little, less than six years old. His dad was so sweet and patient. Maybe if the boy grows up to be a pro, he will buy Dad a house (I am partial to happy endings to my stories).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunrise Surf, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Board

There is nothing like churning surf in the morning, with the wonderful sunrise colors playing on the waves. You have to be quick to catch scenes like this, because it changes every instant. This morning I saw so many turtle tracks. We live in one of the major sea turtle nesting areas, and those big mamas were certainly busy last night. We have both lovable and unlovable reptiles here. Snakes would fall into the latter category. I heard the other day that humans are genetically geared to fear snakes. A human who had never seen or heard of a snake would be afraid upon his first sight of one. Yet less than 12 people in this country die of snakebite each year. We are not, however, genetically engineered to fear getting into an automobile, even though 44,000 people die in auto accidents each year. We humans are peculiar, aren't we?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Waterfalls, 6x8

Sometimes it's the unexpected that gives the most pleasure. We were on an out-of-the-way road in the Smokies and not seeing much that was interesting, then we took a better look. There was this beautiful little river tumbling down the mountain. It's a verdant, peaceful scene, and just looking at it reduces my stress. 

Nature is the art of God - Dante Alighieri                                                                       BID