Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunrise Surf, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Board

There is nothing like churning surf in the morning, with the wonderful sunrise colors playing on the waves. You have to be quick to catch scenes like this, because it changes every instant. This morning I saw so many turtle tracks. We live in one of the major sea turtle nesting areas, and those big mamas were certainly busy last night. We have both lovable and unlovable reptiles here. Snakes would fall into the latter category. I heard the other day that humans are genetically geared to fear snakes. A human who had never seen or heard of a snake would be afraid upon his first sight of one. Yet less than 12 people in this country die of snakebite each year. We are not, however, genetically engineered to fear getting into an automobile, even though 44,000 people die in auto accidents each year. We humans are peculiar, aren't we?