Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Self-Portrait, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Board

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I flattered myself. It's an opportunity to have improvements without surgery. Still, it's a humbling experience to stare at yourself in the mirror for hours. Maybe two mirrors would be smarter, because it occurs to me that I have painted a reverse image of myself.

Sargent said a portrait is "a painting with something wrong with the mouth." I think he should have said "something wrong with the eyes," because I alternately looked startled, Asian, shifty, out of focus, and crosseyed. And artists are supposed to squint to get the values right; just try to paint yourself while squinting. That would be a pretty funny self-portrait.

This portrait is for the Brevard Artists' Guild show in April. If you are an artist in Brevard County and have not checked out the Guild, please do so. It is a wonderful place for artists to come together and work.