Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artists Studios Online Tour and Giveaways - A Blog Carnival

Go Behind the Studio Door and see where real artists work!

Today a group of painters are inviting you in, to visit their studios and see where the action takes place. If you are an artist, you may even get some good ideas from seeing other painters' studios. Some artists have giveaways or special prices. Check them out:
My Studio:

I painted a floorcloth to protect the carpet

I happily paint in this room, which has plenty of north light. My husband built the taboret on which I set my iPad.  I paint from photos on the iPad while listening to music on Pandora Radio. Shelves are mounted on the walls and I let my daily paintings dry there before varnishing.
I looked at this photo and decided it was time to remove some of the containers taking up space on my palette.
After paintings are varnished they move into this room, an extension of my studio. My husband built the map cabinet, and the frame and painting storage next to it. On the map cabinet is the entry Cindy Michaud and I built for the online Mystery Build Contest. It's Moby Dick, and the whole scene is spilling out of a book.
This is where I do my packing and shipping. Underneath is storage for small paintings.
So many paintings, so little time...

Carmen Beecher