Monday, September 23, 2013

Palm Before the Storm, 6x6 Oil on Canvas

I must be losing it. I could have sworn I posted this painting before, but I couldn't find it anywhere on my blog. I referred to it in my last post, then couldn't find it. It's always good to come up with another painting to post. This is my neighbor's coconut palm again, and a big storm was coming. When I see weather happening, I try to grab my camera and shoot this palm as it gracefully braces for some of the exciting weather we get here in Florida.

If there were a competition for "Widest Variety of Media this Month" I think I could win. I have oil paintings, poured acrylic, zentangle, and a graphite drawing that I am posting this month. I haven't done a collage lately, and I won't be squeezing that time-consuming activity in any time soon.

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