Wednesday, March 12, 2014

San Miguel de Allende, 6x8 Oil on Canvas

Casa Gibson, Oil, SOLD
I just returned from a wonderful vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where my sister and I enjoyed a pampered life for a week. We stayed at Casa Gibson, along with eight very accomplished women, including psychologists and diplomats. They were so much fun. We had a great time watching the Oscars together and criticizing all the dresses.

We were in a tower room in the villa. The views of the city were spectacular. We took a drive to Santa Rosa, through countryside that looked as though Clint Eastwood would ride up wearing a serape. Santa Rosa is a tiny little village with a wonderful place that makes Majolica pottery. We shopped and shopped...
My New Favorite Person is Veronica, the cook who provided us delicious meals morning, noon and night. I made it very clear to her that Mi Casa Su Casa.
Veronica and Effie (assistant cook/maid)

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  1. Loving it all, let me know when Veronica arrives. Lovely art.