Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yellow Plumerias, 10 x 10 Original Oil Painting on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Sometimes I wonder if my subjects are too varied, or if my media are too diverse. I display on this blog and other websites my array of oil paintings, collages, and zentangles; my subject matter is landscape, seascape, still life, floral, wildlife, figurative, abstract and fantasy. A quote from the late Robert Genn gave me heart. He said:

"If an artist underestimates capability or goes too long with outworn motifs, interest fades and motivation fails. Complexity, nuance, even novelty, need to be consciously added to the mix."

Sameness on a blog is boring, so I will keep trying to grow and change it up now and then. I suppose my floral painting above is not the best illustration for this discussion, since it is a realistic flower painting, but I don't think it's too ho-hum, do you?