Sunday, November 1, 2015

Banyan Tree, 5x8, Pen and Ink Drawing in Cypress Gardens, Florida

My friend Kathy Garvey and I went to Legoland recently, which is on the site of the former Cypress Gardens. To our delight, Cypress Gardens is still there as a section of Legoland.

Cypress Gardens gave us an opportunity to sit, rest, and sketch in our journals. Above is the giant Banyan Tree that was planted in the 1930s. My drawing is only a small portion of the tree (see below). It's so big that paths wind through it.

There are no longer belles sitting around in big dresses, but there are some made of Legos.

When I was six years old Esther Williams made a movie at the Gardens and my mother took me there. Ms. Williams was sitting around with no makeup and no one noticed her but my mother, so I got to meet the star who inspired me to learn to swim. She was very nice, which made me love her even more.


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