Sunday, March 6, 2016

Eat More Chikin, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Available at my Solo Show April 22nd in Middleburg, VA

I hadn't painted in over a week because of getting ready for my show and the workshop I'm attending soon on Amelia Island, so this was pure pleasure for me. Everything fell into place and soon these cows were looking back at me. That's my idea of fun!

Last week I challenged my painting group to use only their old, never-used paints that we all have to do a painting. I was sick and couldn't be there, but I was very pleased with their results. I decided to do my cows the same way. Only white was allowed, the rest had to be those neglected tubes in the bottom of the drawer. I used:

Primary Yellow
Naphthol Red
Bohemian Green Earth
Indianthrone Blue
Intense Blue

I really like those colors. Why haven't I been using them? Some are probably 20 years old! Intense Blue is especially beautiful. I will be using that more.


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