Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Twenty-Minute Challenge

My friend Donna Vines introduced me to artist Mary Gilkerson's 20-minute challenge, which means doing a small painting in just 20 minutes. Here is my first attempt, a scene in Florence, Italy. I learned from this one that the subject was a bit too complex for a 20-minute execution!

This was my second attempt, and it went much easier. No buildings or people!

I was more deliberate with this last one, and stopped panicking over the time ticking by.

If you want to paint more loosely, this is a great exercise. One important tip: mix up your paint before you set the time.

Below is a page from my sketch journal, starting with my gym class the other day. Jean Thomas's class really inspired me to sketch more about everyday happenings.


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  1. Hi Carmen, 20 minute painting looks like fun. I'm taking an online workshop with artist Nancy Hillis called "Artist's Journey" that I hope will be fun. Nancy is an abstract artist. I need to jump start my art. I love your sketching, reminds me of a blogger Meera Rao that I follow. She does fabulous sketches, a lot of them are from India and quite exotic. I never got that hang of sketching, very critical of myself and I guess had a defeatist attitude or something like that. Enjoy your day!