Saturday, January 25, 2020

My Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Art Library

I am painting a mural in our church and working there every day but Fridays, but in my spare time I am part of the Sketchbook Project. I will complete a sketchbook called My Life in Limericks and send it to the Brooklyn Art Library, where it will be digitized, go on a tour, then remain in the library for visitors to view. There's no money in it, just a lot of joy.

Here are some excerpts. Click on the pictures to view larger.


  1. Thank you for sharing your sketchbook insights! I enjoyed reading your humorous limericks and viewing your engaging art! :-D My oldest daughter gave me a Brooklyn sketchbook, too, as a Christmas gift! I haven't started yet. I mulling an idea of doing artwork of our two new kittens, Lemondrop and Jellybean, sister and brother, now 8 months old. I want to tie them in to our beloved Party Boy, a girl, who died last year on May 12, 2019, age 17 years old. She's buried in a nice spot in a nearby woods, and we visit her occasionally. Something will reveal itself to me. :-)

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