Sunday, May 31, 2009

Egret Painting, 8x10

This is a small egret painting of the same bird I painted back amongst the mangroves. I wonder how big an egret's egg is, compared to a chicken's egg. Have you seen what passes for a large egg in the grocery stores these days? Where do they get these things? Bantams? When I was young and financially challenged I used to buy cracked eggs from a little stand. Imagine that. Nowadays cracked eggs mean you will probably get salmonella, but those eggs were so fresh, I guess that’s why no one got sick. And they had two yolks. Every egg was double-yolked. Yes, double the cholesterol! Little did we know that the incredible, edible egg yolk would become the food eaten only by those who scoff at danger. Let me see you make a deviled egg without them.

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