Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Have a Little Shadow

My muse was apparently on vacation this week, so I was left to run errands and work in my yard, which is now abundant with papayas, all sorts of flowers, beans, tomatoes, white eggplant, peppers, and a salad table. The salad table is waist-high, on wheels, 54" x 30", and we are harvesting all different kinds of salad greens from it, with (very important) no bending. Love it. All this gardening always reminds me of my grandmother Chloe (nicknamed Chulie). She was a master gardener, and I can't dig a hole in the dirt without thinking of her. This painting came from my archives (circa 2005) and is a watercolor of my granddaughter Rachel Chloe, who was named after Chulie. We were waiting for my flight at the Montgomery airport and she became fascinated with her shadow. She was very young, and is now a beautiful 17-year-old.


  1. oh, Carmen this is beautiful! Love everything about it--the soft pinks against the inky greens in the background, the cast shadows, and her sweet expression and concentration. Amazing painting.

  2. Hi Carmen...If I still painted (remembered how) water colors this is what I'd like to make...beautiful! Thanks for the paint advice. I think I will try some of those oils...