Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Venice Sunrise, watercolor

I love Venice. It is unique among cities, and painting it gives me great pleasure. This little watercolor was fun to paint.

Now, in my last entry I mentioned that lady trombone players may look less than graceful. Lo and behold, last Sunday I attended a concert in which a young woman looked mighty cute in her heels and dress, playing her trombone for 90 minutes with the band in the Air Force's Tops in Blue show. Tops in Blue is a fabulous show that travels all over the world. It is made up of all Air Force members who take a year off to perform, and they are each so fabulous, they could be stars in their own right. It's a high-energy show, and they perform every night in a different place. Oh, and it's all free. They are great ambassadors for the Air Force.

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