Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What We Did Last Night

There we were, 7:45 at night, in full couch potato pose, when the lights went out. Now, I'm a modern woman. I have paperless billing from Florida Power & Light. Guess how hard it is to find their phone number by the light of a flashlight with weak batteries. Forget using the five phone books we get (why? why so many?). The print is too small to see in weak light (How about one phone book with large print?). My husband remembered the hurricane-ready hand crank lantern in the closet, so while I called FPL at the very annoying 1-800-FREE-411, he commenced to crankin'. See how in the picture it looks like Hap has no hand? That's because he is cranking the lantern very rapidly. We also found the headlamp/magnifier, which I promptly put on. We sat on the sofa and attempted to read. This caused us to make the decision to just go to bed and give up on the night. The newspaper this morning informed us the lights came back on at midnight. We made the right decision. I feel quite refreshed.

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