Sunday, December 26, 2010

Roxy, 8x10

This adorable dog is Roxy, at rest among the sweet potato vines. Gotta love that face.

My fellow Daily Painter, Karen Appleton, is painting wrapped boxes with elaborate bows, and says she is greatly helped by her iPhone and its various applications. I have an iMac, and i must admit that i want anything that begins with lower case "i." iPhone, iPad, you name it. i even dreamed about Steve Jobs one night, and he was presenting me with an iPad. i have a bad case of the iWants.

BTW, Karen has a great thing going, called Present and Accounted For. Check it out!


  1. Roxy is a cutie, great job Carmen...hope all your idreams came true!

  2. Love this painting- Roxy is very cute. Hope you had the i- gots for christmas!!

  3. Carmen, what a sweet one here! Feel ya on the i-wants.....dreaming about what's his name.....not really!

  4. great puppy painting.
    Was at my daughters for Christmas and between her new Gorky pup and my grand daughter who has a "year" old puppy-the house was full of puppy events. LOL
    Great blog and art Carmen.

  5. What a great painting Carmen! And what a fun dream! :) I hope you are loving your iphone!! :)
    thank you so much for the link for the present project too!!