Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halie and Bunny, 16x20 Oil on Canvas

This was done many years ago. Halie is now seventeen but I'll bet that bunny is in a drawer somewhere.

I mentioned in an earlier post that our political sign was stolen from our yard. Now we know there was an eyewitness, who said a man and his small children came into our yard and took the sign. They went around the corner, where the boys jumped up and down with the sign while dad took their picture. In one fell swoop, he taught them trespassing, stealing, violating others' free speech rights, and gloating about the crimes. What a dad.

Yesterday someone left at our door a "Hate DVD" with a swastika on it and the word "Reds" in reference to our President. I thought that word went out with the Cold War. Also yesterday, a woman stole an Obama sign, came back, holding the sign, to taunt the resident, then ran over her leg with a scooter. What has happened to our wholesome little town?