Friday, January 11, 2013

He Feedeth Among the Lilies, 8x8 Oil on Canvas

This was done from a photo shot by Uncle Emmett, who is not my uncle, but the uncle of a friend. That makes him my Fruncle.

The artist Robert Genn has many made-up words like that in his blog, The Painter's Keys, today. They are all about art and they are very funny. I was inspired to make up a few of my own:

Liarkinding: Complimenting an artist on a painting you hate because you don't want to hurt their feelings.

Clownvisagia: Going out in public unaware you have paint on your face.

Saddergaller: Depression because you didn't sell well at your show.

And my favorites of Robert's: 

Snooler: A person who gushes over your work but who you suspect privately thinks he can do better but actually can't. 

Superalphabetted: A person whose name is followed by a lot of letters.