Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clinton, Iowa

We traveled to Clinton, Iowa for yet another sad occasion, the loss of a beloved aunt. My husband got to reconnect with the huge family he used to play with as a child in Grandma's house (above left). Some of the cousins revisited Eagle Point Park, which sits on the widest part of the Mississippi.

We flew into Midway Airport in Chicago then drove to Iowa on Hwy 88, which is abusively toll-heavy. We couldn't believe the number of tolls, and no places to stop for food for a hundred miles. We saw a little town, DeKalb, and made for it. We found Busters, a little cafe where I had my first Chicago Hot Dog. It was delicious.

I was struck by the stark landscape, Spring not showing anywhere, just flat fields and isolated farms. Very Edward Hopperish. I am going to paint one of my windshield photos, which you will see in this blog if it's a successful painting.

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