Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Sedona Journal

We just returned from a vacation in Sedona, Arizona, and I must say it was a drastic change of scenery. It is a magical place, and I don't mean the vortexes. Its beauty is rather overwhelming at times, and neither paint nor photos can do it justice. We had a hair-raising Pink Jeep Tour (I highly recommend it) that took us on top of the red rocks and gave us a scare almost as good as whitewater rafting. The views were astonishing. Watching the sunset is a sport there. Everything about it is different from our  home state of Florida, except Prickly Pears. Those things must be everywhere, and in Sedona they eat them. I can't imagine anything more painful than being a Prickly Pear Picker.

My next post will be original art, I promise. Of the red rocks of Sedona, of course.