Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ready For My Closeup, 24x30 Oil on Canvas

This painting is currently displayed in the Pieces of 8 art exhibit at the King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, Florida. Our exhibit is called "Black and White and Red All Over" and features all different media and quite a variety of styles. This painting comes with a story, and the story just keeps growing.

This is my dad's cousin Florence Chumbecos, who was a chorus girl on Broadway. I had a couple of her publicity shots but didn't know her last name. My cousin Vicki, who lives in Virginia, discovered our side of the family a couple weeks ago. She never knew we existed, and we have been solving genealogical mysteries via emails to each other. Neither of us knew Florence's last name, but Vicki found it through some detective work, and she found an article written by Florence about dancing with Fred Astaire. It was just like the movies: the lead dancer got sick, Florence filled in and danced in the role for a year. Mr. Astaire was just like you'd think--the nicest of men. Here is the article:

Vicki found this picture of Florence on eBay and bought it. Next we want to know when and where she died.