Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Gaze, 6x6 Acrylic

I've been painting a large floral painting that is quite detailed, so to loosen up a bit I did this little experiment. I used black and white acrylic over poured acrylic to get this effect. The poured acrylic was completely dry (which takes days) before I painted over it.

Today I got an email requesting the following custom order:  "A hand painting of steve Jobs that shows the white apple logo and says think different, and also it has to say in memory of Steve Jobs February 24, 1955- October 5 2011, I want the painting to be no more than $50, size 6x6."
Say WHAT? All that, in miniature, for $50? With lettering, yet! Wow. How insulting. 

Coincidentally, this morning I ran across this quote by an artist:

"I always wanted to live in poverty and be maligned and devalued by society and the business world. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams."