Friday, October 14, 2016

Sketch Journal Entry: Paradise Found

This is my journal entry of my sister and niece's new bookstore, Paradise Found, on Pine Avenue, Anna Maria Island. My husband and I were working on the store the whole time Hurricane Matthew was aiming at our home on the other coast of Florida. I painted murals for the children's section and Hap painted the entire inside of the store.

Located between the General Store and a bakery, we wanted for nothing. Can you imagine Coconut Key Lime cake?

It was nerve-wracking watching the predictions of the "Cone of Uncertainty," and we were relieved to find our house relatively undamaged in spite of the large tree down in the front yard. A group from a Mormon church in our town stopped by and helped cut the tree up and pile it by the road. They were wonderful! They saved hours of work for us. Thank you, lovely people in the yellow shirts!