Friday, December 12, 2014

Crackers and Oranges, My New Book

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This is the cover of my new book, a memoir about my childhood in Dundee, a small Central Florida town. I wanted to write about all the characters who influenced me, especially my very tough grandmothers who survived the Depression and the stress of their sons going off to war. Don't get the idea that it's a downer, though. There were a lot of funny things to tell, too. My book is illustrated throughout with photos, paintings and quirky drawings. You can peek inside on Amazon by clicking the book above or here. 



  1. Hi Carmen, what a lovely thing to see your book in print. I wish you much success.

  2. Hi Carmen. I'm a native Floridian and a painter. I check Daily Painter occasionally to look at the beautiful and diverse work of all the talented folks. I was curious when I saw the name of your book (being a cracker myself), and looked further. As it turns out, my mom lived in Dundee in the late 40's (I believe), as I know she and the family returned to Marion County and she married my dad in 1954. Her 78th birthday is Dec. 24. I wonder if I could get a copy of your book by then for her birthday? I'm sure she would be intrigued to see if she remember any of the names and/or places you refer to. I remember when I was a little girl her calling it "Dun Dead". Congratulations on the book. I would love a copy for my mom. Lisa