Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feed Me, 6x6 Oil Painting on Canvas

I did this a while back after reading about Daily Painter Carol Marine challenging herself by doing a painting using a different mix of color for each stroke. Even the reds, though they may look similar, are different mixes. Not only was this difficult, it was time-consuming and messy; however, I really like the end result. By painting this way, I was bolder with my strokes and used more of a variety of colors to create the image. I made surer strokes by putting them down and leaving them alone. No blending. No niggling. 

Speaking of niggling, I have come to realize that my husband and I have become directors. He gives me directions, I give him directions, then we turn around and give our children and grandchildren directions. We're like those actors who say, "...but I've always wanted to direct." Well, someone has to do it.