Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thundercloud, 10x8 Original OIl on Canvas Skyscape

I love to paint stormy weather, and this thundercloud looks like it wants to produce a tornado. Florida does have exciting weather, but no hurricanes for the past ten years. I think I prefer hurricanes to the harsh winter conditions up north right now. Floridians were punished for the last hurricanes by having our insurance rates jacked up, yet when there are no disasters the rates stay up. I suppose that's happening all over the country. Some companies simply drop you after you make a claim. 

Don't I sound whiny? I just wonder if this happens everywhere, considering that all of last year it seemed there was a natural disaster somewhere every time I turned on the news. Are other states at the mercy of the insurance companies? Or are the insurance companies truly suffering from having to pay so many claims? I'd like to know.


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