Monday, March 30, 2015

Purple Abstraction, 8x6 Abstract Painting, Original Oil on Canvas Panel

It's time for me to get more loosey-goosey, and one thing that helps is to paint abstracts. There is a certain freedom in putting colors and shapes together just because you like them that way. This one has some of the colors of my previous realistic painting, Rainier Meadow.

On another subject, I have been going to the gym lately, riding the bike to keep my new knee moving, and I have to say that gym clothing has changed a lot. People nowadays show up in worn-looking outfits and look like they mean business. In the 80s I took some aerobics classes with ladies all decked out in headbands to hold their large 80s hair down; leg warmers; and those thong leotards over tights. Now, that was a sight. Those outfits were what my grandmother used to call an imposition on the public.

People are tougher today. Their hair is allowed to sweat, their ankles are warm enough, and they do very well without thong leotards that cross the Great Divide. 


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