Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cypress Gardens, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel, Daily Painting

I grew up near Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida, and I loved the beautiful gardens, the ski show, and the girls sitting in the gardens in their big Southern-Belle dresses. Now it's part of Legoland and the gardens are still there, but the Belles are gone except for one made of Legos. The gardens are still beautiful. This is a typical scene; in fact, you see this all over Winter Haven. There are so many lakes that no road goes straight, and you see many scenes like this one. 

This is not a very good photo of my painting. It has so much dark color that it glares in a photo, and overcoming the glare didn't help the rest of the picture. However, I broke my pinky toe, and I just don't want to hobble around trying to get another shot. My patience is gone, and all I want is elevation and ice. My diminutive digit is derailing my drive.