Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Three Hikes, Pages from my Journal

We visited family in Bradenton and I recorded my hikes with my 
nephew Riley in my sketch journal. Journaling is the best way for me to remember trips I have taken, and I wish I'd done this years ago on trips to Europe. It brings precious memories right back. 

It is SO hot on the West coast of Florida, but we managed to hike three different parks in one day. Two had some shade, but Robinson Preserve did not. DeSoto Point is where DeSoto is said to have landed. There are cutouts of the Spaniards and Indians along the trail, and it didn't take Riley long to figure out who the bad guys were. In his world there are always good guys and bad guys. He went along the trail punching the Spaniards. 

That last trail was really beautiful, right on the bay, with mangroves growing in white sand. I wish we had had our swimsuits, since there were so many accessible places to swim. It was a fun day with a great little companion.