Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Photo Shoot

Just so you don't think I'm a slacker, I'm posting some photos of what has been consuming a lot of my time lately (since my husband has been incapacitated with a crushed heel). This is my little vegetable garden with eggplant, cukes and tomatoes.

My large Frangipani tree
Rain lilies are springing up all over my lawn. They're very pretty, so I don't mind. They will spring up and bloom a couple of days after the lawn's been mowed. They are confused. It's only rained once in the past month, and we don't overwater. We respect water restrictions. On the ground are Frangipani flowers that fell from our tree on the one and only rainy, windy day.

I've spread 15 bags of mulch--yet the weeds still come.     
I would show you a picture of my prolific Four-o-Clocks, but it's only two o'clock now, so they aren't blooming.