Sunday, June 5, 2011

Outside My Window, 5x7

This is going into the Daily Paintworks Challenge called "Outside My Window." I actually see our pool, then this scene, then just over the fence I can see a tree with mangoes hanging all over it in the neighbors' yard. I am coveting my neighbors' mangoes. I admit it. They aren't close enough to hang over my fence, either. They just hang there, silhouetted against the sky...sigh.

My husband is having radiation for a skin cancer (non-malignant) on his face, and the preparatory work was done yesterday. It was claustrophobic torture for him. While he was having this bad experience, I was in the waiting room. I was sitting there minding my own business and a massage therapist walked up and said she volunteers there, and that patients as well as family members all benefit from massage, and would I like a massage? Would I! It was great! My husband came out and told me about his trauma, and I had to say, "Guess what I've been doing...?"