Monday, October 29, 2012

The Stolen Mother Teresa, 16x20 Pencil on Paper

Not for sale nor in my possession
Many years ago this artwork was stolen from the wall at Brevard Community College in Melbourne, Florida, where it was on display. I had worked so many hours on it, and it basically was a picture of tender subjects. In the center is my son at age four, and there is a butterfly on his chest. He was so delighted when it lit on him that I took his picture, and years later included it in this montage. All sweetness and light, yet some lowlife thief took it.

It occurred to me that now that we have the Worldwide Web, I can advertise my stolen artwork and maybe someone knows someone who has it...stranger things have happened.

I was reminded of this theft by our political sign being stolen from our yard last night, which involved trespassing on our property to get it. Same thing last election. Apparently someone doesn't have a full understanding of the First Amendment, or maybe it only applies to their party.