Monday, December 17, 2012

Robert Duvall

I have a new Modus Operandi. When there is no time to paint, go to my journal. This is Robert Duvall's driveway on his beautiful farm, where he raises longhorns and does the Tango with his beautiful wife.

Yesterday as the beautiful little children performed a Christmas play at our church, it was hard not to think of those little souls lost last week. I read that the number of people lost in massacres in our country this year is now up to eighty-four. My friend songwriter Bobby Braddock is quoted below on the subject, saying it better than I could:

"Maybe...instead of thinking that gun control advocates are exploiting victimized children to promote an agenda...and instead of thinking that gun control opponents care more about guns than children...and instead of threatening to remove from our pages the opinions of those with whom we disagree...and instead of letting "liberal vs conservative" weave its way into every fabric of our lives including this heartwrenching national tragedy...why don't we come TOGETHER, as we did on September 11, 2001, and why don't we listen to each other and try to figure out ways to truly help prevent the recurrence of mass child murders. I think there are few if any who sign on to Facebook who are not deeply saddened over the hideous loss of those babies in Connecticut."