Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Island Dream, 7x5 Oil Painting on Canvas Panel, Tropical Beach

Well, here's my idea of torture. I am laid up while healing from knee surgery, and when the TV is on, I hear the same political ads every few minutes. Here in Florida we have newsmen who do fact checks, and they report on the ads that are outright lies or smarmy half-truths. Even after the ads are shown to be untrue, they continue to play, over and over and over. This is how elections are won. Tells the same lies enough, until people believe them. If other products make false claims they can get yanked off the air. If those to whom we entrust leadership make false claims, we elect them. What kind of stupid system is that?

Okay, enough of a rant. My leg looks less and less like a zombie leg and my progress is good. I hope my brain comes back to life soon. Is it a contradiction to say I am concerned about my state of apathy? The only thing I'm not apathetic about is political ads.