Saturday, February 9, 2013

Leap of Faith, 8x10 Oil on Canvas

This painting just returned from my exhibit and I am now putting it "out there." I find this painting exhilarating, capturing the spirit of childhood and fun. I paint so much that I am forgetting to have other kinds of fun. I need to correct that. I could go jump off a big rock into a river, but Florida doesn't have big rocks. We are as flat as a flitter (whatever that is).


  1. Hello Carmen,this is such an exciting and joyful painting. You really know how to capture light. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Carmen:

    You have captured it and make us think about the fun we all had as a kid. I don't know what a flitter is either. Keep up the good work. Pat Voelz

  3. You can say it was in's quintessential summer there. Really nice. (and they need those summers, what with the 20 below zero now and many feet of snow!)