Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cereus, 8x10

This is my second lefthanded painting, and of all my weird plants, it is one of the weirdest. It blooms at night and is pollinated by bats. As long as I am painting lefthanded, I am going to call it my Sinistra Series. In Latin, dextra is righthanded and sinistra is lefthanded. Very unfair to lefties, I have always thought, using the root word for "sinister" to describe them, where "dextra" implies dexterity. So I proudly join the sinistra and hope for more dexterity as time goes by.

This painting is an oil, and I have to have so much help from Hap to set up and clean up. I can't even wash parts of my hand alone. A fixed stationary brush I could scrub on would be good, I think. I have three acquaintances born with one arm and I admire them even more than I already did. But I am very pumped about this painting, just to find that it is possible to do it! Watch for more in the Sinistra Series.

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