Saturday, December 26, 2009

Primavera, 8x10

I guess I will be doing a lot of abstracts now. This one was done while I still had my right hand, and it is rather exhilarating to paint this loosely.

 My good news is that my X-rays show I am healing properly. My family practice doctor said my surgeon, Dr Ashberg, did a fabulous job. The bad news is I will be in a cast 8 weeks. My husband cooked our Christmas brunch by himself and we had five people over and all agreed it was delicious. So, more positives about my broken wrist; Hap learns to cook. He is a man who can do anything; if he had to build the stove to cook it on, he could probably do that too.

My friends in the Pieces of Eight brought us delicious food last week and it really saved the day. We were still adjusting to this situation. I also got a Crabtree and Evelyn care package from a member who is away. Lovely! Things like this help so much. Great for morale too.

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