Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letter of Advice from My Friend Cindy

Poor Carmen!  This will slow her down but let’s not count her out!!  I actually sold a painting I did with my left hand while my right had pins in it and a cast to my elbow!

Once the pain wears off Carmen (a few miserable days) you will be amazed at the brain stretching that goes on in figuring out how to do everything.  The absolute worse is dressing, hair care and bathroom stuff….(no need for details).  I went to the Beall’s Outlet, old lady section, and bought 2-3 pairs of pants with elastic waistbands….no zippers, no buttons, no jeans!!  You will need shirts to pull on over your head and if it means several of Hap’s so be it.  I wore these two pair til I was sick of them and gave them to Goodwill when the cast came off!

Bathing started to be a chore but once we got it down pat I milked it for all it is worth:  fill the tub (might as well add some bubble or salts…NO OILS!!!, pull a newspaper plastic bag over the bandages and have Hal escort you to the tub holding onto your good arm…arm, not hand!  This too is important.  Lower down carefully while he is still there and then soak away while he gets dinner on.  Call out romantically to him when you are ready to be scrubbed.  It’s a cross between return to your childhood and the best “first night” ever….you both can fill in this part.  Now, no matter how excited or relaxed you are getting out is tricky.  Again have him support you with your good arm, stand, he can help you step out…then insist he dry you off…Very hard to do with one hand!!  Truthfully!!

Now before all you others rush out to break your wrists the down side is hair care….I usually leaned back in the tub and had Bob do it, not ideal, but it gets the job done.  Every couple of weeks my mother would take me to the chain (ie cheap) hair cuttery and I would have them do it professionally: HEAVEN!!  (Maybe I can take you for such in lieu of a casserole….) Forget blow drying: men don’t get it.  Forget make-up, men (real men) can’t do it.  

Last piece of advice (for now): I too had a busted wrist (2 of the 3 were during holidays so what does that tell you about us being overloaded) and being the artist I was (and you are) I decided to spiff up my cast by gluing a rhinestone bracelet on it.  Well, pieces and parts that looked like a bracelet…gave me an entre to talk to everyone and keep my spirits up….So bring your left over beads and stones and we can build Carmen a lovely piece of fine jewelry for the holidays…with her permission of course!!

I am so, so sorry Carmen…I’m not making light of the situation at all…but gee, I never got an ambulance ride!!  And being the Pollyanna of the group I had to share the good parts…we will look forward to seeing you Monday (good thing Transf painting is done….remind me to drag mine out as preventative meds).


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  1. I love the idea of the bracelet... and here's to speedy recovery!