Saturday, March 16, 2013

Everglades Sketch Journal

This is just fun. Ever since Diana Gessler's class, I have enjoyed journaling my experience in a sketchbook. If you go to the Everglades, be sure to stop at the Robert is Here fruit stand. Robert started as a six-year-old child in 1959, selling cucumbers on the corner. He was so small people couldn't see him and would drive by, so his father put up a sign that said, "Robert is Here." Now Robert is raking in, as this place has a booming business, with every fruit and vegetable you can think of.

Below, this is exactly how we looked sleeping inside the little tent. It was cold at night, and we were like mummies. Our picnic table was decorated with a lamp, which Cindy brought in case we had electricity at the site. We didn't.


  1. Mornin' Carmen, I guess you were all as snug as a bug in those sleeping bags. Love your journaling. Thanks for sharing.