Sunday, June 1, 2014

Psyche, 6x6 Original Oil Painting on Canvas Panel

$99, Click to Purchase
This flower makes me think of my grandmother, who could grow anything. She told me the names of varieties of hibiscus, and this one was called "Psyche." It is smaller and has a more interesting shape than the usual hibiscus. The bush will grow very tall. There is a pink version that looks similar in shape and it is called "La France."

I am starting a list of things that we put up with and really should NOT put up with. Things that make me grit my teeth. I mean things big and small, and to illustrate I will begin with these two, very unequal in terms of importance.

1. Inadequate mental health care since mental health institutions were closed in the 80s (e.g., mass murderers whose parents tried to get help and couldn't). This is, shall we say, crazy in a so-called civilized country and fits nicely with proliferation of guns to form the perfect storm.

2. Pencils with erasers that don't erase, and will even make a brown mark instead of erasing.

See what I mean? Erasers are a small thing, but why do we put up with it? If you can't make a functioning eraser, leave it off. Don't pretend it is there for erasing.

What injustices do you feel are foisted upon us? Do NOT send me anything political. That is a subject of irritation in a category all its own.