Monday, June 16, 2014

Tangletree, 6x9 Original Pen and Ink Drawing

$45, Click to Purchase
This is a really good day, and that is because any day you are not having an intestinal virus is a really good day. I started my week in South Beach, a good way to start, but got sick after that. I still haven't the strength to stand at the easel, but I can still be creative with drawing. I did get to draw with my painting group today and that was really fun. Kathy gave us a good challenge, which we will finish next week.

Mary gave me a good one to add to my list of "why do we put up with this?":

No. 5: Packaging that cannot be opened no matter how you try; its clear plastic taunts you with a view of the completely unattainable product inside, mocking your frustrating attempts at entry.