Wednesday, June 25, 2014

English Roses, 6x6 Original OIl Painting on Canvas Panel

$99, Click to Purchase
This has been very hard to post, because the colors don't look exact on my monitor. I have spent a lot of time trying to get it exact, but it still doesn't satisfy me, and it may look different on your computer. At any rate, this is close, but the sky in the actual painting is warmer than it looks here.

I am putting my list of things that are incredibly frustrating here, as I am losing track of my numbers. My no. 9 is:

Telemarketers, especially the crooked ones with scams. The Do Not Call List is apparently meaningless.

1. Inadequate mental health care since mental health institutions were closed in the 80s (e.g., mass murderers whose parents tried to get help and couldn't). This is, shall we say, crazy in a so-called civilized country and fits nicely with proliferation of guns to form the perfect storm.

2. Pencils with erasers that don't erase, and will even make a brown mark instead of erasing.

3. The rule about not ending sentences in a preposition, as in "not put up with." The English language is being mangled and new words from pop culture are added to the dictionary every year, so the preposition rule seems quite outdated. I do hate the question "Where is he at?" though. It almost deserves to be #4 on my list, it irritates me that much.

4. People driving slowly in the left lane.

5. Airplane passengers who bring carry-ons so heavy they can't lift them into the overhead bin. 

6: Deceitful practices in retail stores.

7. Packaging that cannot be opened no matter how you try; its clear plastic taunts you with a view of the completely unattainable product inside, mocking your frustrating attempts at entry.

8. Negative political ads, especially the ones with the low-pitched, sarcastic, gossipy-sounding voice that sounds like they are sharing a nasty little secret about the opponent.