Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lindsay, 8x10

This portrait is part of my learning process. I really like painting people doing things, but I'm getting into the more formal portraits also.

Our week has started badly. Yesterday, just as I was about to leave for church, my husband Hap fell from a ladder while trimming a tree. I immediately drove him to the emergency room. He had X-rays, got a splint, etc and they said his heel is crushed. His ankle was tennis-ball size, so we thought he broke that. We have to get with an orthopedist and find out if he needs surgery. So now I get to repay him for taking such wonderful care of me when I broke my wrist. He hasn't lost his sense of humor. He was in absolute agony, but when we drove off to go to the hospital, he told our neighbors, "If we don't come back, watch the Oscars so you can tell us who's wearing who." He finds the red carpet hoopla absurd.

The things you take for granted! I got up this morning and Hap was standing in the kitchen on his crutches just looking at the coffeepot. If anyone can tell us how to walk on crutches with a cup of coffee, please let me know. One's hands are completely occupied with holding oneself upright. I am calling him Hopalong Happity now.